My vision for a better Bay County

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Bringing Bay County to the forefront of the technology revolution.

Key Points

Savings through sensors 

Do you leave the lights on when you go to bed? Sensors on our lights, roads, bridges, and buildings will provide massive savings and allow for preventative maintenance. 

Usher in the Internet of Things (IOT)

What is the Internet of Things? The internet of things is the future, and we have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of progress. Efficient utilities, smoother traffic, safer communities, and a reduced environmental footprint are the tip of the iceberg.

County app

Isn't there an APP for that? In the modern world, there’s an app for everything. Bay county needs an app as well to facilitate vital information like school closures and updates on COVID, conduct polls and surveys for upcoming ordinance decisions, and give residents a medium to engage their leaders, and have a voice in their community!

Openness and communication 

What does an open government look like? An open government is critical to an informed public, and an informed public is critical to democracy. We must disclose county finances, contracts, votes, and plans in an easy to read, accessible and searchable format. 


 •What are the new job opportunities? remote jobs are an ever growing staple in the future of employment. A “smart county” will ATTRACT major employers and bring jobs of the digital age. These jobs are higher paying, and give residents the ability to thrive in any environment, year round, while continuing normal spending locally. 

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible - Frank Zapps

Together, we can bring Bay County to the forefront of the technological revolution. One that promotes openness, and communication; giving our residents a sense of trust, inclusion, and excitement for the future of our county. One that ensures fiscal responsibility through data, peer review, and an increased county revenue. And most importantly, one that promotes a brighter future, with an abundance of opportunities for our children!


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