24-Year Old Madison Cawthorn WINS Primary in NC!

Motivational speaker turned candidate WON against heavily experienced Trump backed candidate.

Madison Cawthorn is an eighth generation North Carolina resident who just won the NC Primary election against Lynda Bennett. Although Bennett received ample backing including one from Trump, Cawthorn felt his ground campaign was stronger as he was representing the local voice and not the DC insiders. Ultimately this and his fresh perspective is what tipped the odds in his favor. 

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

When asked about his response to his inexperience attempting to achieve a seat in congress Cawthorn said he believes the founding fathers wanted every working, economic and social class to be represented in our government.

Jarod, much like Cawthorn, feels he is the voice for the people and wants to see the community he grew up in, and is currently raising his children in, thrive. Much like you he is tired of the reported corruption in our local government and believes it is time for new representation that will bring vigor and fortitude and unity to our county.

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Who is Jarod Leighton

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